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Masévon Group is active in the following markets

Semicon & electronics





R&D and Science

High-tech machinery


Semicon & electronics

IoT, industrial automation, autonomous driving, robotics. Increasing indispensability of electronics in modern life is driving innovation in the field of semicon & electronics at a faster pace than ever. Components are becoming smaller and more complex, while time to market is shrinking, tolerances are getting tighter and cleanliness requirements are becoming stricter.


As the renewable energy transition begins, unprecedented technologies and approaches are being rolled out in the energy business. New standards will be established. Keeping up – through rapid innovation – is a must both for traditional fossil fuel companies and new players.


Coating technology is developing rapidly. Materials must serve multiple purposes, and this is achieved through the use of multiple layers with ever more advanced functionality. Meanwhile the solar business is maturing, which is putting more pressure on pricing and lead times.


The automotive industry faces tremendous challenges as it shifts from the traditional fossil fuel vehicles, which still form the backbone of the industry today, to smart, green mobility solutions. On the one hand, operational excellence is key, because every euro counts in the production of current vehicles. On the other hand, top notch innovation is needed in order to move forward towards sustainable solutions and business models.


In order to feed the global population, which is larger, richer and more urbanised than ever before, the food industry and agriculture are becoming increasingly high tech. Meanwhile, related legislation is also becoming stricter: production must be cleaner and more efficient, while every step in the processing chain must be traceable.

R&D and Science

Big challenges in the world demand major investments in R&D and science to make today’s impossible possible. Research tools to support R&D and science engineers must be cost efficient on the one hand and increasingly smart and accurate on the other.

High-tech machinery

IoT is changing business. This includes what is produced as well as the machinery that produces it: everything is connected, contains mechatronics and is shrinking in size.



The agri-tech sector is rapidly growing while undergoing an exciting transformation. Automation, biotech, structural use of sensors, IoT and machine learning are instrumental in expanding food production and reducing environmenal impact.

Our work

From start to finish

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    On time


    Throughearly involvement和我们的one stop shopapproach we ensure the shortest possible lead time forturn-keyprojects.

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    Based on the way we manage projects and ourcorporate culture, every employee in our company understands thatreliabilityis key and contributes to make it happen.

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    To specification


    Thanks to ourintegrated quality systemwe are able to deliver to the highest standards.

    ISO 9001 | VCA | Clean room Class 5

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    In co-creation


    OurDesign-for-manufacturingexpertise enables us to reduce costs of your products and processes. Ourstrategic partnersbenefit from our expertise.




Our customers know what problem they need to solve, but they may not always know how. Our keen engineers are eager to work with you to co-create the solution.

“As we understand how to manufacture both series and one-off solutions, we are able to ensure an optimal setup for any situation, resulting in optimisation of manufacturing costs and the shortest possible lead times”

Our values


Unite and value people. Not in spite of, but becàuse of our differences we can learn and reach goals together.


Challenge yourself. Every single day. Set ambitious goals and go where no-one has gone before.


Laugh. Live. Perform. Cherish, use and continuously develop your talents and that of the people you work with.

Straight forward

Make easy. Not complex. Have trust and be trusted. Tell things as they are, honestly

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“Every journey begins with the first step”

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